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Write us a message if you wonder anything! We strive to be as quick as possible to reply. However, it might take 24-48 hours depending on our work schedules. We do this as a hobby and take no profit at all. Therefore we can not have a top 24/7 support.  

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Buena calidad en su servidor con un soporte magnífico.

- SCS Clan

Superb communication with us and are always responding to my emails, if I have a question about something with the teamspeak I just ask and always get a great respons!

- BarteQ

Bra kavlitet på servrarna med mycket låg ping här i Sverige. Svarar relativt snabbt på medelanden och är aldrig några problem med om man behöver hjälp med t.ex. ändra rättigheter etc.

- Christoffer

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Dear Users! We held pretty much the ETA of the server downtime. We are now back up and running with a new ip assigned to our servers. However, we have updated the DNS so if you have used our main address " (port)", you might be able to connect to your server right now.
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