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Dear Users!


This Saturday, 15/10 - 16 there will be a server downtime. The reason for this is that we are moving the server to a different location. Expect that all our servers will be down during Saturday and possibly Sunday. There will also be a new assigned IP and we will have to update our DNS for this, this can take up to 24 hours but will hopefully be done quicker. 

We hope that this won't cause to much of a trouble for you guys! If there are any kind of questions please feel free to send us an email or make a new topic in the forum section and we will try to respond as fast as possible.


Kinds Regards

Intuitive - Gaming

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Buena calidad en su servidor con un soporte magnífico.

- SCS Clan

Superb communication with us and are always responding to my emails, if I have a question about something with the teamspeak I just ask and always get a great respons!

- BarteQ

Bra kavlitet på servrarna med mycket låg ping här i Sverige. Svarar relativt snabbt på medelanden och är aldrig några problem med om man behöver hjälp med t.ex. ändra rättigheter etc.

- Christoffer

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Dear Users! We held pretty much the ETA of the server downtime. We are now back up and running with a new ip assigned to our servers. However, we have updated the DNS so if you have used our main address "ts.intuitive-gaming.net (port)", you might be able to connect to your server right now.
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